Tourist competition with Bohemia Gifts


In addition to cosmetics and gifts, our company also produces souvenirs for touristswhich you can find in shops or information centers throughout the Czech Republic. We prepared for you competition with wooden magnets and key chainswhere you can get a free wooden picture of your favorite tourist destination.

Competition rules

Collect 8 labels with EAN code from wooden magnets or keyrings Bohemia Gifts, stick and send to our office.

Wooden magnet for tourists Bohemia Gifts Wooden magnet for tourists Bohemia Gifts Wooden keychain - Bohemia GiftsBack label with EAN code

On the postcard (which you get at the point of sale), stick these labels and if you fill all the 8 fields on the postcard, you choose an image from the following themes and send the postcard to our office. We will send you the selected one tourist image about 12 cm printed on a wooden wheel with a thickness of approx. 1 cm. Please do not forget to fill in your address, which image to send!

Choose a wooden picture

In the postcard, please type the image type (a capital letter in the "Wooden Image Type ..." field) to send you:

Picture on wood - Ještěd Picture on wood - Karlstejn Picture on wood - Kutna Hora Picture on wood - Červená Lhota Castle
A - Ještěd B - Castle karlštejn C - Kutna Hora D - Červená Lhota Castle
Picture on wood - castle Hluboká Picture on wood - Bouzov Picture on wood - Český Krumlov Picture on wood - Orlík Chateau
E - Hluboka Castle F - Bouzov G - Czech Krumlov H - Orlik

Map of tourist places where you can buy magnets and keyrings

Postcard for sending labels

Postcards for sending EAN-tagged labels are available at Bohemia Gifts Wood Magnets and Keychains.

Postcard - Bohemia Gifts competition

Postcard - Bohemia Gifts competition