About Us - Mediabox spol. s ro


Company Mediabox al. s ro It founded in 1993. This year started its activity advertising agency based in Prague (www.mediabox.cz), Which provides Full-service advertising. We offer services in marketing, graphic design and printing. The creative team of graphic designers, your own printer (offset and digital) and other technologies for our clients process orders from production original promotional items, Production of commercials to the printing and delivery of leaflets.

1998 saw the formation of our second division based in Stráž pod Ralskem, where we make beauty products under the brand names Bohemia Cosmetics, Bohemia Natur or Bohemia Herbs.

Our production takes good manufacturing practice fully to heart, which is strictly controlled and documented by the competent state bodies. Prior to marketing, all products go through an arduous approval procedure that includes microbiological testing, a dermatological test, a test for the preservation system's efficacy, an assessment of the appropriateness and correctness of the choice of ingredients and their documentation and an assessment of the packaging and the materials used. This means the products meet all the legislative requirements throughout the European Union.

We focus mainly on products made of high quality ingredients and a considerable part of our products falls within the category of hand-made cosmetics. The products do not contain parabens and we do not test on animals. More on how we make our cosmetics.

We further extended our product range by gifts that are not cosmetics. Thanks to food production we can offer you tasty gifts (chocolates, pralines, wine). We also offer scented candles, printed gifts, printed textiles or decorative items.

Our sales team consists of 7 business representatives, who provide our clients with services throughout the Czech Republic. We work with retailers (e.g. Ahold, Globus, Norma, Penny Market, etc. ) and drugstore chains (Teta, Rossmann), but also with a wide range of wholesale and retail operators in the CR. You can find our products in a wide range of gift shops (e.g. Albi) and smaller shops with gifts and cosmetics. We export our products abroad and have partners in various countries - Germany, Slovakia, the UK, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, etc.