All brand products Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics in the course of their development and production, considerable attention is paid in several levels.


All major surfactants are chosen in the highest cosmetic quality so that the raw materials for their production are of plant origin. The whole composition is chosen as the main surfactant, foaming, with good washing ability and softening surfactants, especially amphoteric (these are usually omitted for normal products due to the price). At this point, it is necessary to highlight the very fine and delicate surfactant combinations of the "Baby"For children under three years and"Intimate hygiene". Further refinement and improvement of the dermatological benefits of the products is achieved by various additives, which are mostly plant extracts and vegetable oils. They are always chosen in the highest quality and either without preservatives or at least without the use of parabens with preservatives used in the food industry as well.


There are many different plant extracts and additives in cosmetics. Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics products have been carefully selected to ensure that, for example, plant extracts provide sufficient input quality (dried herbs suffer greatly from molds, which then form very dangerous toxins), the quality of the extraction agents and the resulting cleanliness of the extracts. Other additives are chosen to suitably complement the basic surfactant mixture. A large number of formulations are supplemented with various oils that have excellent euderic (well-acting) properties. The variety of used additives - especially extracts and oils - are Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics on the Czech market with a distinct individuality.

Production in SVP mode

Our production takes place under a good manufacturing practice regime, which is strictly controlled by the relevant state authorities, documented, including regulations on disinfection, storage of raw materials,


During development, considerable attention is paid to testing and adjusting the force of action, but so that the product meets the most demanding criteria for dermatological properties. The customer receives carefully optimized blends of anionic, amphoteric, non-ionic and, in the case of hair balm, cationic surfactants with various softening ingredients, additives and other active ingredients that have the maximum synergistic effect, guarantee perfect washing even at relatively low dosages and give the customer the perfect effect. low costs. Products are not tested on animals.


All pre-marketing products undergo a demanding approval procedure involving microbiological testing, dermatological testing, stress testing of the preservation system, assessment of the suitability and accuracy of the choice of raw materials and their documentation, assessment of the suitability of the packaging and their materials, and own safety assessment with the calculation of exposure to individual raw materials, checking the correctness of the text on the label, etc. The products thus meet all legislative requirements throughout the European Union.


All packages are selected not only for aesthetics, but also for maximum protection of the product, including the possibility of easy reclosing, to avoid contamination of the preparation and, in particular, barrier properties against oxygen permeation, so that the oil components in the preparation do not suffer from oxidation. Marking of the product is very strictly controlled in several stages in order to comply with the Public Health Protection Act, the general requirements for the technical properties of the products and above all all the specialized cosmetic regulations.