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Welcome to the Bohemia Gifts and Cosmetics website. We are a Czech producer of cosmetics and gifts. Original beauty gifts including wine, herbal and natural handmade cosmetics enriched with natural herbal and fruit extracts. Cosmetic products that are gentle enough for children's sensitive skin. Our range also includes the very popular beer cosmetics, made under the brand name Pivrnec.

All Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics products are given a great deal of attention during their development and production, which takes place at several levels. The overall ingredients policy involves careful choice of additives, a packaging policy and, last but not least, the actual production using the rules of good manufacturing practice. Individual product recipes are always chosen so as to be of the highest quality and either without preservatives or at least without the use of parabens, using only preservatives used in the food industry.

Prior to marketing, all products go through an arduous approval procedure that includes microbiological testing, a dermatological test, a test for the preservation system's efficacy, an assessment of the appropriateness and correctness of the choice of ingredients and their documentation, an assessment of the packaging and the materials used and our own safety assessment that calculates exposure to individual ingredients, a check of the text on the label, etc.. This means the products meet all the legislative requirements throughout the European Union.

Our business partners can also make purchases in our e-shop. After sending the appropriate documents they are entitled to wholesale prices. Our company manufactures not only cosmetics, but also other gifts that you won't find on this website. Thus, in addition to cosmetic products, you can also buy candles, decorations, party games (which we have created ourselves), wine and chocolate and many other wonderful gifts.


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